Why Self Understanding Will Make You Happier

When you have self understanding you feel like a new person. You can change negative things in your life, build strong relationships and focus on goals in a whole new perspective. According to the dictionary self understanding is awareness of and ability to understand one's own actions and reactions. Why do you want understand your own actions? Here are five reasons you want to have self awareness and understand your own actions.

1) When you are aware of your own actions it allows you to see yourself without a guard up. Most people think they do no wrong or have no negative impacts on the people around them. Being able to pin-point how your actions impact those around you allows you to understand the reactions you get from others.

2) Knowing yourself gives you better self control. If you're constantly put in stressful, overwhelming or painful situations you have to be able to determine the what and why of those situations. If you understand yourself you can determine when and where you are able to go without feeling these emotions. For example, if you go out with a friend that always puts you in a situation that makes you feel these emotions, you may want to limit yourself on going out with this person.

3) You will be happier. When you can make better decisions because you know what you want then you will be happier with choices.

4) Less inner conflict. When you don't know yourself or what you want you are constantly battling with yourself on choices, options and decisions. Knowing who you are allows the inner you to be free and choices come easier.

5) Finding your strengths and abilities. Having self understanding allows you to try things you want and learning what you're good at. When you know what comes with ease, you can focus on building that skill and finding what strengths and abilities make you happy.

The main idea is to find who you are without the idea of you from other people. Try things and see if you like them. Spend time alone and focus on your strengths and weaknesses. Evaluate friendships and work environments to determine your stress level and what you get out of it daily. You want to know you. Personal growth takes time and nothing is done over night. Psychology Today has ways to practice and develop self understanding.

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