WOW Lunch @ Slapfish In Park City, Utah

Lobster Taquitos

After shopping at Tanger Outlets in Park City, Utah on our honeymoon, my husband and I got hungry and there was no food court there so we ventured up the street to Slapfish restaurant. The name says restaurant but it is more like a Panda Express style building. Surprised at their menu selection we ordered with hopes this small fast food looking joint could deliver with the seafood we know and enjoy. Now let's talk lobster:

Price: $45.64 for two. My lobster grilled cheese ($16.00), his fish and chips ($10.00), Our lobster taquitos ($7.00), both our fountain drinks ($4.58) and his cup of claim chowder ($4.50) created the total. There was no tip as it wasn't a server restaurant just tax.

Presentation: The salad that came with my lobster grilled cheese had lots of color and fresh vegetables. The grilled cheese came stacked and on a nice serving bowl with garnish. The claim chowder, fish and chips came nicely presented with sauces on the side. A little more upscale than your normal "fast food" place.

Quality: The food tasted fresh and not microwaved. That is hard to do in a fast paced place that sells sea food. The lobster grilled cheese was seasoned to perfection and the cheese went well with it. The lobster taquitos were soft and stuffed well. The sauce was just enough to make it melt in your mouth.

Quantity: This was the size most meals should be. Not too big for one person, but not a kids size either. Once I ate the lobster grilled cheese I was able to eat half of a lobster taquito. If you're hungry this is a great portion to fill you up and the food is hearty so you stay full longer.

Overall, although this place is found in other cities this was our first time eating here. It surprised me they had such good quality food with such a fast paced style restaurant. I even looked up locations in Arizona while we were eating to see if there was one and come to find out they have one in Glendale, AZ and numerous other locations. The WOW in the title is because I was blown away by my experience and the food. Another fabulous meal to share with you wonderful people. Happy Eating.

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