Your World Is A Reflection Of Your Thoughts

Is it weird that those that believe they can't- can't and those that believe they can - can? No, actually it's not. What we believe is what comes true. It has a lot to do with our attitude, atmosphere, and attributes towards our thoughts. It's not some magical thing that starts to manifest if we believe something. It is our thoughts and actions we choose based on what we believe creating our world to reflect our thoughts. If you believe you will never get a raise, then you may not. The reason isn't that you don't deserve it. The reason is because you may never ask, based on your believe that you won't get one. Your world is a reflection of your thoughts. Here are some tips to create better thoughts for positive reflection and outcomes.

1) Always think about the positive outcome. When you focus on what you want instead of what you don't want you will be more inclined to shoot for it.

2) Don't base your success on anyone else's. Everyone has a time where they have bad things happen. You will get over it and basing your success on someone else's will make you feel like you can't reach your goals. Stay focused on your own goals.

3) Picture yourself obtaining your desires. When you can actually see yourself doing something - you're more likely to work for it. If you can see yourself being a doctor, then you will go to school and become a doctor.

4) Break down you're goals. When you make shorter, more obtainable goals, you feel like you've accomplished something and you keep going. If you focus on the "main" goal or outcome you may not feel like you're going to reach it.

5) Tell yourself YOU CAN DO IT. Because you can. If you want to go wash your car, you will get up and wash your car. If you decide today isn't the day, then you will continue to drive it dirty. It is a matter of what you tell yourself.

6) Think about past things you thought were unobtainable and you've accomplished those. Thinking about prior rewards, goals, etc can give you the encouragement to stay motivated.

7) Believe in yourself. No one else has to believe in you for your dream/goal to come true. The only person that absolutely must is YOU.

Acts of faith for yourself require you to believe in what you're doing and saying. Tell yourself positive things, even in the mist of negative outcomes. Stay focused on what you want to accomplish. You will soon see that no-one can make things happen for you - like you. Grow, live, and change the world. Keep growing and inspiring.

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